Upstanders Mural

PROJECT: The non-profit organization Facing History and Ourselves received a matching grant from the Downtown Memphis Commission for installation of a mural representing fourteen Upstanders – Memphians who made a positive impact on the community.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Developed Request for Proposals, contributed to selection process of Upstanders, completed application for the Memphis Landmarks Commission’s and Downtown Memphis Commission’s review process, conducted materials research, acted as liaison between the artist team and client, performed construction administration, and assisted with dedication ceremony.

UPSTANDERS: Bishop Carroll Dozier, John T. Fisher, T.O. Jones, Nina Katz, Dr. Sheldon Korones, Reverend Billy Kyles, Reverend Frank McRae, Maxine Smith, Vasco Smith, Lucy Tibbs, Rabbi James A Wax, Ida B. Wells, Charl Ormond Williams,Yellow Fever Upstanders 

PROJECT TEAM: Cedar Nordbye and Nelson Guitierrez | Facing History and Ourselves | UrbanArt Commission

PHOTO : Nighttime image – Mike Kerr