“At the invitation of the FRONT Triennial, Barbara Bloom has created a work specifically for the Ellen Johnson Gallery. This space was designed by the architect Robert Venturi in the 1970s. Far from a neutral white cube, the gallery is a complex space that screams “Architecture” with a capital A. Rather than ignore the gallery’s eccentricities, Bloom has chosen to accentuate them.

Bloom has carefully curated and placed a selection of works from the collection of the Allen Memorial Art Museum, all of which depict architecture in some form. The artworks featured here include paintings, prints, drawings, and photographs from a wide range of cultures and time periods. They are shown using a variety of display devices that allow the viewer to navigate the space architecturally, and to experience these works as though they are willing themselves off of the two-dimensional plane and into the third dimension. This process of reverse-rendering highlights and heightens their architectural essences, and further directs attention back to the space of the gallery itself.”

RESPONSIBILITIES: Architect and Production Manager; responsible for creating all design and construction documents, coordinating between artist, fabricator and museum, and overseeing installation.